Playing on the left side of the body

At Phoenix, we recognize the importance of just how much the ability to play off the left side of the body has become in today's game.  As a result, to add more consistency on reverse sweeps and Tomahawk drives, we have created a high inside wall on every model of our Phoenix sticks.  There is also double the reinforcement to allow for the extra amount of pounding this part of the stick is subjected.

The Tomahawk has created so much excitement to the game, almost every video highlight is packed with these skillful hits.  As officials clamp down on players using the back side of the stick, most often trying to keep the ball low and under control, we have recognized this and built up the inside wall to help players keep the toe of the stick in legal position.

If these skills are difficult for you, just be sure to keep practicing!!  Best of luck!

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